What do you read when you aren’t reading for your classes?

Some people think they have to slog through War and Peace for it to count as reading. This is not true.

Did you read an article today in the newspaper about the upcoming elections? Did you look at People magazine to see what Tom Cruise is up to or Entertainment to see how much the latest movie made at the box office? Did you go online to keep up with the NBA playoffs or to figure out which part you need to fix the disposal? Did you read the back of the cereal box this morning?

Guess what? All of this counts as reading. Reading doesn’t have to be a big thing. And every little bit will help you.

Do you know what else counts as reading?

Reading the lyrics to a song on a CD.
Reading a graphic novel or manga.
Listening to an audio book.
Reading an instruction manual.
The point is to find something that you find interesting to read.

So what have you read today that wasn’t for class?

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Vocabulary #107

Here is this week’s vocabulary list.

attract – (verb) l. to cause to approach or adhere: as a. to pull to or draw toward oneself or itself, b. to draw by appeal to natural or excited interest, emotion, or aesthetic sense :  entice; 2. to exercise attraction.

compel – (verb) 1. to drive or urge forcefully or irresistibly; 2. to cause to do or occur by overwhelming pressure.

eviscerate – (verb) 1a. to take out the entrails of :  disembowel, 1b. to deprive of vital content or force; 2. to remove an organ from (a patient) or the contents of (an organ); 3. to protrude through a surgical incision or suffer protrusion of a part through an incision.

grip² – (noun) 1a. a strong or tenacious grasp, 1b. strength in gripping, 1c. manner or style of gripping; 2a. a firm tenacious hold typically giving control, mastery, or understanding, 2b. mental grasp; 3. a part or device for gripping; 4. a part by which something is grasped; especially :  handle; 5. suitcase; 6. stagehand.

select³ – (noun)  one that is select —often used in plural.

All definitions are from To learn more about these words or about other words, visit this website.

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Vocabulary #106

Here is this week’s vocabulary list.

draw² – (noun) 1. the act or process of drawing: as a :  a sucking pull on something held with the lips, b :  a removal of a handgun from its holster, c :  backward spin given to a ball by striking it below center; 2. something that is drawn: as a :  a card drawn to replace a discard in poker, b :  a lot or chance drawn at random, c :  the movable part of a drawbridge; 3. a contest left undecided or deadlocked :  tie; 4. one that draws attention or patronage :  attraction; 5a. the distance from the string to the back of a drawn bow, 5b. the force required to draw a bow fully; 6. a gully shallower than a ravine; 7. the deal in draw poker to improve the players’ hands after discarding; 8. a football play that simulates a pass play so a runner can go straight up the middle past the pass rushers; 9. a slight to moderate and usually intentional hook in golf.

elicit – (verb) 1.  to draw forth or bring out (something latent or potential); 2. to call forth or draw out (as information or a response).

grasp² – (noun) 1a. handle, 1b. embrace; 2. hold, control; 3a. the reach of the arms, 3b. the power of seizing and holding or attaining; 4. mental hold or comprehension especially when broad.

select² – (verb) to choose (as by fitness or excellence) from a number or group :  pick out.

suffer – (verb) 1a. to submit to or be forced to endure, 1b. to feel keenly :  labor under; 2. undergo, experience; 3. to put up with especially as inevitable or unavoidable; 4. to allow especially by reason of indifference; 5. to endure death, pain, or distress; 6. to sustain loss or damage; 7. to be subject to disability or handicap.

All definitions are from To learn more about these words or about other words, visit this website.

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Here is a brief overview of the features of our Nursing/Medical database Cinahl.

When you go to the homepage, this is what you should see:




Once you log in, you are taken directly to the basic search page:




If you click on advanced search, this is what it looks like:

cinahl2Notice there are several ways you can alter the search on the left side directly from the search itself. This includes altering the date range and selecting only full text. Note, if you have not selected full text, the article will indicate whether it is available in html or in pdf format – or whether it is available at all.

Once you find an item that looks interesting, this is what it looks like:

cinahl5Don’t worry if the article isn’t immediately available. Check the left side for the PDF version. Note that there are options on the right for this page, including a citations button.

Finally, so far this has all been through the new search tab on the top. if you click publications, you will see a list of all the periodicals we get through this database, including what version it is in – if we have access to it at all:

cinahl3If you have any further questions about Cinahl, the librarian would be happy to assist you.

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Vocabulary #105

Here is this week’s vocabulary list.

comprehend – (verb) 1. to grasp the nature, significance, or meaning of; 2. to contain or hold within a total scope, significance, or amount; 3. to include by construction or implication.

delight² – (verb) 1. to take great pleasure; 2. to give keen enjoyment.

emit – (verb) 1a. to throw or give off or out (as light or heat), 1b. to send out :  eject; 2a. to issue with authority; especially :  to put (as money) into circulation; to give utterance or voice to.

reach² – (noun) 1. a continuous stretch or expanse; especially :  a straight portion of a stream or river; 2a. (1) :  the action or an act of reaching (2) :  an individual part of a progression or journey, 2b. (1) :  a reachable distance (2) :  ability to reach, 2c. an extent or range especially of knowledge or comprehension; 3. a bearing shaft or coupling pole; especially :  the rod joining the hind axle to the forward bolster of a wagon; 4. the tack sailed by a ship with the wind coming just forward of the beam or with the wind directly abeam or abaft the beam; 5. echelon, level —usually used in plural.

spread² – (noun) 1a. the act or process of spreading, 1b. extent of spreading; 2. something spread out: as a :  a surface area :  expanse, b (1) :  a ranch or homestead especially in the western United States (2) West :  a herd of animals, c (1) :  a prominent display in a periodical (2) :  two facing pages (as of a newspaper) usually with matter running across the fold; also :  the matter occupying these pages; 3. something spread on or over a surface: as a :  a food to be spread (as on bread or crackers), b :  a sumptuous meal :  feast, c :  a cloth cover for a table or bed; 4. distance between two points :  gap; 5. a commodities market transaction in which a participant hedges with simultaneous long and short options in different commodities or different delivery dates in the same commodity.

All definitions are from To learn more about these words or about other words, visit this website.

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Lay v. Lie

These are a bit tricky, there is no easy way to remember lay vs. lie. You are probably going to have to memorize it:

Present Tense          Past Tense        Past Participle

lay                                laid                     laid

lie                                 lay                       lain                 

Let’s take a closer look at this. For lay, an object must be involved. For example, a police officer would tell a criminal to lay their gun down. For lie, you do not need an object. In this case you can say you lie down. Maybe you lie down on the couch or bed or on the grass, but you don’t have to put down any of those.

You will notice that lay is the past tense of lie. Lain is the past participle of lie.

Laid is the past tense and past participle of lay.

Good luck remembering lay vs. lie!

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Vocabulary #104

Here is this week’s vocabulary list.

captivate – (verb) to influence and dominate by some special charm, art, or trait and with an irresistible appeal.

congruous – (adjective) 1a.  being in agreement, harmony, or correspondence, 1b. conforming to the circumstances or requirements of a situation :  appropriate; 2. marked or enhanced by harmonious agreement among constituent elements.

feign – (verb) 1. pretend, dissemble; 2a. to give a false appearance of :  induce as a false impression, 2b. to assert as if true :  pretend.

fuse² – (noun) 1. an electrical safety device consisting of or including a wire or strip of fusible metal that melts and interrupts the circuit when the current exceeds a particular amperage; 2. a continuous train of a combustible substance enclosed in a cord or cable for setting off an explosive charge by transmitting fire to it.

rotate² – (verb) 1a. to perform an act, function, or operation in turn, 1b. to pass or alternate in a series; 2. to turn about an axis or a center :  revolve; especially :  to move in such a way that all particles follow circles with a common angular velocity about a common axis; 3a. to cause to turn or move about an axis or a center, 3b. to cause (a plane region or line) to sweep out a volume or surface by moving around an axis so that each of its points remains at a constant distance from the axis; 4. to cause to grow in rotation; 5. to cause to pass or act in a series :  alternate; 6. to exchange (individuals or units) with others.

All definitions are from To learn more about these words or about other words, visit this website.

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